"Defrosting Frozen Condensate Pipes"

Safely fix a Frozen Condensate Pipe

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When your home boiler is installed and working correctly, a by-product of water is produced, this is commonly known as condensate. This exits your boiler through the condensate pipe. It is possible for this pipe to become frozen during colder months, which will temporarily stop your boiler working. Common warning signs will be that your boiler is making a gurgling noise, or if there is a digital display, presenting an error code. There is usually no need to worry if you have a frozen condensate pipe, you can easily defrost this yourself to ensure your boiler is operating efficiently.

Firstly, locate your condensate pipe. This is usually made white plastic. If the condensate pipe is located outside, it will be attached to a wall, and emptying your boilers by-product into a drainage system or soakaway. Alternatively, if the condensate pipe is located indoors, it is likely to be underneath your boiler. Once you have located your condensate pipe, you have two options: if your pipe is outdoors, simply pour warm water over it. If your pipe is located underneath your boiler, wrap it in a hot water bottle.

Finally, when you are satisfied that your condensate pipe has been defrosted, simply reset your boiler. To do this, press reset and if the pipe has been successfully defrosted, it will start normally.

There are also a plethora of useful steps you can take in order to ensure you condensate pipe is resistant to freezing again. Simply get in touch with your local plumbers at Fords South West Ltd to find out more about protecting your condensate pipe. Working throughout Exeter and the surrounding areas of Devon, our friendly team are Worcester Bosch Accredited boiler installers for your peace of mind.

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